Who we are
Nearly everyday new visitors to our opulent interior showroom and 20,000 sq foot botanical garden oasis describe our place as a visually stunning wonderland of unparalleled creativity. All of us here at Floral Emporium are proud of the Emporium’s 34 year service to Palm Beach and the Florida coast. Throughout those 34 years we have designed countless ornamental gardens and luxurious interior spaces for some of the area’s most distinguished and affluent tastes. We constantly strive to out-do our own creativity, and that aspiration leads to some fantastically magical design. 

What we Do
Here at Floral Emporium the owners, Steven Spaulding and John Blaise, have curated a fantastic collection of tropical florals and ornamental plantings from around the globe. They in turn use these plantings to design spectacular outdoor spaces that should truly be experienced to be appreciated. Equally impressive is our interior showroom featuring artifacts, home decor, along with permanent florals and arrangements. This collection is also sourced from all over the world ranging in style from Italian Baroque to Contemporary Artisans, and yet each item harmonizes cohesively to form a visual overload of design inspiration.