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Exciting new things at Floral Emporium

Aug 7th 2015

If you've been a regular customer of Floral Emporium for very long you know that we are always evolving ahead of the game.  The hottest tropical plants (Medinilla Magnifica), the newest neatest technology (flameless moving candles).  And now we are evolving once again in a big way.  We've gone ONLINE!  This is HUGE! Clients have been asking for years and we've been wanting to for years, but we wanted to do it the RIGHT way, the Floral Emporium way.  So after years of planning and researching and waiting for the best technology we have found a platform that fits with what we want to do.  

If you're reading this you've already experienced at least part of the new website. Our wish is to give our clients access to all the amazing products and design ideas that one gets while visiting our physical store, and then expand on that by giving clients access to additional colors or size options that we can't fit into the store (as hard as we do try to fit it all). We will be adding new product continually over the next few months so if you're searching for something you can't find yet, do not fret chances are it will be available soon! If you're looking for something time sensitive, do not hesitate to use our contact form and request something specific. Thank you for visiting us online today and we hope to see you soon!